Sunday, March 04, 2007

Progress Continues

Diaper free for 2 days and now the Little Man is going independently and just letting us know that we need to give him his mini m&ms. The amazing little guy has even managed to overcome the hurdle of going #2 on the potty. Even when he is wearing a diaper, he asks for help to go on the potty. Do we think this will last??? Who knows, but we have one more full day of a diaperless tooshie and then we'll see how we do with his big boy underwear!!!

On another note, the Squeaker has become quite fond of Mommy for all soothing needs. This is partially due to the fact that The Little Man seeks out Daddy on most occasions, so that leaves Mommy for most Squeaker duties (which she doesn't mind AT ALL :)) This has become a slight problem, in that the Squeaker would rather scream with all other potential soothers (adults and pacifiers) than relax into a peaceful slumber. Daddy has been working hard this weekend at getting the Squeaker to realize that Mommy is not the only one with the "magic". So far, the screaming persists but it is followed by quiet eventually (even without Mommy).

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mom5su said...

Good job daddy, soon you will be his favorite, too