Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter Travels

We had a relatively good trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa this weekend! What I mean by 'relatively' is that we still had to drive 2+ hours in the car with kids. The good news is that the Squeaker did spectacular. We left Saturday morning at nap time. He took a short nap and was then awake for the rest of the trip. Had we needed to drive another 20 min or hour, we would have been in trouble, he had just reached the end of his tolerance level. The trip back was actually better than I had expected. We left just before bedtime. The Little Man didn't end up sleeping on the ride home :( and the Squeaker did fall asleep with some assistance but woke up hungry before we got home. Traffic wasn't too bad, luckily and we made it home before 10. I think we are going to need today to recover from the travels, but the stay itself was great!

Easter was fun for the Little Man... he has Easter egg hunting down to a science. He could have cared less about the contents of the eggs (how strange, since that is all I care about) and was much more interested in finding the eggs hidden all around the house. The boys looked cute in their Easter outfits, and unfortunately, I do not have a picture of them together in them. Many excuses for that: strawberry stains, blow-outs, nap and church schedules.

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halfoz said...

WB will love seeing the picture with the big rabbit when she gets bag from seeing the youngest.