Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's UP?

Strange night last night, not sure why... and it continues this morning. I believe that the Squeaker got into the coffee beans last night and then shared them with his brother this morning. For some reason, the Squeaker woke up at 12am -- this hasn't happened in MONTHS. He was hungry, crabby, and quite curious at the state of things this time of night. The Little Man woke up at his normal hour, but has been unable to control his limbs, mouth, or activity level. He is CONSTANTLY making noises, if he is standing 'still', he is jumping, flinging his hands side to side, or turning in circles... otherwise he is roaming the house, unable to control himself. I swear I do not leave caffeine within their reach. And, I promise that we provide them with PLENTY of exercise. So, I am secretly a bit jealous as I wish I had some of that energy at the moment. We are hoping for a good day despite crazy children!

On another note, you have to check out the attire on this kid:

Those are boxer briefs and rain boots, since the picture isn't revealing enough.

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halfoz said...

I love that tractor Biscuit may need one where do I buy one??