Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Here's hoping

Here's to hoping that our third day of wild and crazy Little Man behavior was the last. I am not sure what else I can do but let him run wild and cover my head in a paper bag so no one associates me with this out of control 2 year old. A full night's sleep might help, but the Squeaker isn't up for that quite yet. He has done it a couple times in his life, so

here's hoping we get a stretch of several 12 hour nights in a row. This is not likely given that we just finished a bout of antibiotics due to an ear infection (discovered at his 6 mos check up) and then 3 days later, we discovered that his ear is again infected (not sure if it just didn't go away or if it is just bad luck). So,

here's hoping that this round of antibiotics works so that we can fly to CA next week sans ear infection!!! :) Speaking of traveling to CA, I am starting to wonder if I am nuts... the Squeaker is a serious 'mover and shaker' all of a sudden. At the playground today, he tried as hard as he could for like an hour and a half to climb out of my arms to jump into the mulch. My arms are sure tired! So,

here's hoping that he thinks that airplane trips are for sleeping since I will be by myself on this trip with the boys... oh boy! And, speaking of sleeping... both boys are out cold at the moment due to a very eventful outdoorsy day. Check out this picture of the Little Man at the Big Truck Day in Herndon. What fun that was... but not for the Squeaker, who couldn't sleep with all the honking and banging going on as the kids played on all the big trucks. This was followed by a playgroup picnic, a nap at home, a walk around downtown Herndon, playing on the old caboose (in downtown herndon), and some playground time (and walk) with our friends. whew, that wears me out all over again just thinking abou it! I wish I had taken a nap during the boys' naps.

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halfoz said...

Biscuit would love the big trucks. What do you think of her new big addition on the leg??? Great picture.