Saturday, May 26, 2007

Progress already

Last night it took the Squeaker 35 minutes to fall asleep on his own, in his bed. I really wish I had video taped the whole thing, because it was HILARIOUS! He cried, whined, screamed, etc intermittently, but during the first 32 minutes... he did not stop moving. He sat up, rocked on hands and knees, rolled this way and that, rearranged his animals and blankets, tried to pull up to standing, tried to grab at me, played with the rails of the crib, played with the bumper bad, rolled over and over and over... it was hysterical. My guess is that if he had let himself lie still for 30 seconds, he may have fallen asleep sooner. How young can you be and be diagnosed with ADHD? (kidding, of course)

This morning, 15 minutes of pretty much the same behavior before nodding off to dreamland. Yay! Already he is figuring it out. Daddy is in charge of the pm nap and bedtime so we'll see if he continues to progress or protests that it isn't mommy and drags it out even longer. I am hoping for for the former!

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