Friday, May 18, 2007

Really not fair

... for Mommy and for Ga-Mommy. The Squeaker has been sleeping horribly at night since we arrived in CA. Two nights ago, he was up at 9, 11, 12, 1, 5 and 6:30. That was the worst of it. The Little Man has been a sleeping wonder child. He has been taking 3+ hour naps every day and has been sleeping well at night, too. Well, all that came to an end last night. We should have known it would be a bad night when both boys were still awake at 9pm. And, believe me, it wasn't because they weren't supposed to be. Bedtime was at 7:30, as usual. Go figure.

So, last night, the Squeaker decided to sleep the sleep mommy has wanted him to sleep... FINALLY. Then, at 4:30am, there was a crash outside my door. The Little Man (who was sleeping in Ga-Mommy's room) was up and wanted to come into my room (where the Squeaker had been blissfully asleep). The crash not only woke up Mommy, but of course, the baby. So, after he was fed (because you can't wake up at night and not be famished), I put the Squeaker in his pack-n-play, trotted the Little Man back to his room, where I found out that he had been up since 3am. (hmmm...) and then put the Squeaker back to sleep. We all slept until 7am.

My one chance at a full night's sleep... FOILED! And, Ga-Mommy quickly remembered what it was like to be up in the middle of the night -- just like old times, eh Ga-Mommy!

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