Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's going to be so excited

The Little Man could hardly contain himself all day yesterday when he found out it was FINALLY the day we would be headed out west to visit Ga-mommy. He kept repeating his new favorite phrase, "It's going to be so excited!" in a very cute voice. He did soooooooooooooo well on the flight. No carseat and sat in his seat the whole time. He didn't sleep and still did sooooooooooooooooo well. Yay! The Squeaker, on the other hand, apparently needs more practice. He was already sleep deprived and hardly slept on the plane. He already has a very hard time going to sleep (which we are planning to tackle on our return) and it was doubly difficult when sleep deprived, and triply difficult on an airplane. :) Oh fun! But, despite that, the boys, and thus I, had a great flight!

Some things to remember for next time:
-charge the battery for the DVD player ahead of time, or fly in the morning when there are cartoons playing on DirecTV. (we flew JetBlue)

-buy a seat for the Squeaker

-drink coffee, lots of coffee - it is a llll0000nnnnggg flight.
-fly JetBlue

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Melissa Haworth said...

Glad you made it!!