Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer is here

Hazy, hot & humid today, but a good day nonetheless. We feasted on a breakfast casserole with friends this morning, and then broke out some 'new' toys for squeaker (although Little Man felt they were really for him). Squeaker can just about pull himself up to a standing position (with much cute grunting and straining). The 'new' toys should be good practice for the new skill.

Squeaker took about 10-12 minutes (with daddy - boy, daddy sure is great and everyone loves him) to drop off to dreamland during his morning nap. In the afternoon (with mommy), he played for 15 minutes and cried for 4. In the late afternoon, we took the boys to a great new (new to us) playground, which they loved, and got out of there just before some evening thunderstorms hit. After a quick visit from Grandma and Grandpa, who were on a road trip, squeaker topped off the day with just a 10 minute going to sleep session (with daddy - boy, daddy sure is great and everyone loves him).


farfromca said...

Daddy sure is great! We DO love him!!! :) What a great post!

ga-mommy said...

let me guess who posted this entry???We love Daddy!