Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Man's Musings

So, today Daddy was planning on mowing the lawn after dinner. The Little Man either a) doesn't have his appetite back after being sick or b) is being 2 and decided not to eat dinner. I finished my dinner as the LMs was still untouched. I was trying to show how exciting it is to be finished with dinner. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Mommy: Yay for me, I finished my dinner. Now I can go outside and mow the lawn.
LM: No, Mommy, you can't mow the lawn... mans mow the lawn.
Mommy: (after the laughter died down) What do you mean? Why can't I mow the lawn?
LM: Mans mow the lawn, you are a girl.
Mommy: Well, if I can't mow the lawn, what can I do?
LM: You can go outside and edger and then come inside and watch "Squeaker".

I had no idea that we have instilled such gender divisions in our house. Wow!

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