Monday, September 03, 2007

What goes on in that little head

The Little Man needed to change his clothes this evening (due to making a huge mess, with mommy's approval) and had been stripped to his cool soccerball underwear. He heads to his room to get new shorts and shirt and comes back with elmo underwear on top of his soccer ball underwear. oh, and no shirt, no shorts. Hmmm... not sure why. He kept it like that the rest of the day. He didn't even mind pulling down both pairs when going potty Guess he felt like he needed the extra security? Silly silly boy.

Also, have noticed he is making up words all over the place. He makes up names of games he wants to play, things that he will see, things he has already seen, etc. Sometimes we have to remind him that we only know 'regular' words and really can't figure out what the heck he is saying. Again, silly boy.

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fairfax44 said...

Uncle Will had his own language early on with lots of fascinating words.