Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today was a great day

It is so beautiful these days. I love fall! No humidity and everyone is outside. It is great. There are fewer bugs (but still bugs) and believe it or not, the pool is actually quite nice. Now, I usually don't swim this late in the season, but well, um... I went for a 'dip' yesterday... sort of. You see, I also don't usually clean leaves out of the pool either, and apparently I need some practice learning how to stand on my own two feet while doing so. Yah, oopsy! Oh, and my cell phone was in my pocket and I had the baby monitor on my belt loop.

Daddy took the Little Man to the UVA football game yesterday and they both had a great time... after the fiasco during the drive down. So, when they were just about there (and the LM took only an hour nap :(), they got rear-ended. After an hour of waiting for the police to finish up, they were off to see Aunt Em... who had just locked herself out of her house. Yah, pretty much any day would be a better day.

Oh, and the baby monitor is working today... but the cell phone has perished.

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Grandma West said...

OH dear What a catastrophic episode.I take it Aunt Em got in her place. Hope all is good today