Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wow, what a couple of weeks

Well, the Little Man started preschool. So far so good. He wasn't really sure about it and kept saying he didn't want to go (anxiety) but, much to my relief, he walked out the first day and said, "I love my preschool". He knows his teachers' names, his class name (Rainbow Bears), where the potty is, and even some of his friends' names. It is so cute. Yesterday, he recounted the whole 3 hours to me in the car in about 10 minutes. He didn't stop talking. He loves it... which makes ME love it. I am now wishing I had signed him up for a 3 day/week class. Oh well, next year.

Our trip to CA was great, despite the short visit. We remembered why we bought a seat for the Little Man when he was under 2 (you don't have to until they are 2)... the Squeaker gave me the best upper body workout. He would NOT sit STILL! The woman across the aisle said, "Boy, you have your hands full, he is a powerhouse." Yup, he sure is. Strength is definitely NOT our issue.

Speaking of issues, we have a speech therapy evaluation for Squeaker tomorrow morning to assess his ability to drink liquids. He does not take in enough volume from any sort of cup - and definitely not in an efficient manner. So, unless I am planning to going to college with him so he can drink, I figured I'd get this whole drinking thing worked out.

I can't believe that some of the kids we know are turning 3! THREE! How does that happen that three whole years have come and gone and now there is another child that will be on the same super speedway to leaving his mommy forever? Hard to imagine that we have been parents that long, even harder to believe that these two kids we have are so amazing and wonderful every day!!!


halfoz said...

next step grade school, than HS and College. It goes quick ask your mom. Cute picture. How's the MAC?????

Grandma West said...

Wow he is growing up too fast for me !! He looks so cute and I am so glad he is loving it