Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's UP?

Strange night last night, not sure why... and it continues this morning. I believe that the Squeaker got into the coffee beans last night and then shared them with his brother this morning. For some reason, the Squeaker woke up at 12am -- this hasn't happened in MONTHS. He was hungry, crabby, and quite curious at the state of things this time of night. The Little Man woke up at his normal hour, but has been unable to control his limbs, mouth, or activity level. He is CONSTANTLY making noises, if he is standing 'still', he is jumping, flinging his hands side to side, or turning in circles... otherwise he is roaming the house, unable to control himself. I swear I do not leave caffeine within their reach. And, I promise that we provide them with PLENTY of exercise. So, I am secretly a bit jealous as I wish I had some of that energy at the moment. We are hoping for a good day despite crazy children!

On another note, you have to check out the attire on this kid:

Those are boxer briefs and rain boots, since the picture isn't revealing enough.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Astronauts, Cute Hineys, and Mumblebees

What in the world could he be?

Yes, in fact, he is an astronaut.

Cute hiney:

These cute little diapers are called gdiapers. A friend of mine introduced them to me this weekend and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon. I LOVE THEM!

The Little Man's new favorite song:

Mumblebee, mumble me, coming out the jelly.
Gonna get deckwin, right in the belly for baby and me.
Yeh! (don't forget the 'yeh!')

Friday, April 20, 2007

More musings

In the car, on the way home from dinner (our worst dining out experience yet -- an antsy 2 y.o. and a crabby 6 mo old) the Little Man starts talking to Daddy:

LM: Hey Daddy, which one you like better?
Daddy: What are my choices?
LM: The sun or the road?
Daddy: The sun. We need it to for flowers and plants to grow.
LM: Yah.

Maybe you had to be there. It really was funny. What the heck goes on in that little mind of his?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

6 Months Old, already!

I can't believe it!!!!! I can't believe that the little peanut we brought home 6 mos ago is becoming a little person! He can roll over both ways, grab and reach for anything in eyesight, sit on his own for short periods of time, laughs (and cries/screams), and loves his big brother. It really is fun, but man, did time FLY!

Giving up

I am giving up on potty training. I haven't posted all the ups and downs, but long story short, I am giving up temporarily. The Little Man is too wishy washy. One week he is awesome and will go on his own, no accidents, and we think that we are home free. Then, the next week, he has several accidents and has to be asked/taken several times a day. So, we are stopping for a bit. It is a sad thing given all the time we have already put into it. And, he still does not like having a dirty diaper, but for the moment (and the last 2 days) we are back to diapers. He'll still go in the potty and asks for help to get the diaper off, so this could be a quick phase, who knows?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tickle Tickle

The Squeaker is the most ticklish little baby I have met. I can touch his stomach when changing his diaper and he wiggles away with a squeak and a giggle. It is great. I have not yet found a part of him that isn't ticklish! :)

On another note, the Squeaker's baptism is May 6th. I have given up on finding an outfit that I like that fits him. He could wear the Little Man's, however, the Squeaker is older and bigger than his brother was when he was baptized... hence the search for a new outfit. If I had been a smart mommy, i would have scheduled the baptism according to when he fit into the outfit we already had. So, last night I found a pattern at Joann's and some fabric. I will make one. It will be the first time I have really sewn in a good long while. Hope the old machine still works.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Kid is a Genius

So, on our drive from Grandma and Grandpa's house on Sunday night, we passed a horse trailer. I didn't think that the Little Man had ever seen one, or if he had, I didn't think he knew what it was. I took this opportunity to educate the little guy:

Mommy: Do you see that trailer? There are horses inside of it.
Little Man: That's silly, Mommy.
Mommy: Yes, but a horse can't fit in a car, and they can't fit in a seatbelt, so they have to ride in a special trailer.
LM: silence
Mommy: What do you think about that?
LM: The man, he opens the door and puts the horses in the trailer. Then, he goes to his big pickup truck, and he opens the door. He gets in the big pickup truck and sits on the seat. Then he starts the big pickup truck and he shuts the door. Then he drives drives drives on the road and takes the horses to the barn.
Mommy: staring at the Little Man with her mouth open... how old are you, child?

Seriously, we have NEVER discussed this before!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter Travels

We had a relatively good trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa this weekend! What I mean by 'relatively' is that we still had to drive 2+ hours in the car with kids. The good news is that the Squeaker did spectacular. We left Saturday morning at nap time. He took a short nap and was then awake for the rest of the trip. Had we needed to drive another 20 min or hour, we would have been in trouble, he had just reached the end of his tolerance level. The trip back was actually better than I had expected. We left just before bedtime. The Little Man didn't end up sleeping on the ride home :( and the Squeaker did fall asleep with some assistance but woke up hungry before we got home. Traffic wasn't too bad, luckily and we made it home before 10. I think we are going to need today to recover from the travels, but the stay itself was great!

Easter was fun for the Little Man... he has Easter egg hunting down to a science. He could have cared less about the contents of the eggs (how strange, since that is all I care about) and was much more interested in finding the eggs hidden all around the house. The boys looked cute in their Easter outfits, and unfortunately, I do not have a picture of them together in them. Many excuses for that: strawberry stains, blow-outs, nap and church schedules.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Musings of a 2 year old

As we were walking through the parking lot of Lowes the other day, the Little Man comes out with this profound statement:

"I just tooted. I didn't poop, just toot. Toot in my big boy underwear. I like it when I do that."

Maybe this isn't the most appropriate thing to be posting for all to read, but both Daddy and I were hysterical and I had to share.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A not so great start to the week

I am not sure how to start this one. ... Maybe with the shower drain regurgitating laundry water, orange peels and raw sewage. Or, maybe with our wonderful night rest? I guess I will skip over the plumbing issue since that always leads me to want to get the heck out of dodge. I will jump ahead to our early morning.

The Little Man woke up a minimum of 4 times last night starting at 2am. I am not sure of all the wake ups due to being asleep and/or taking care of the Squeaker. (Yes, I did say asleep and taking care of squeaker) The Little Man needed water, to cry, some more water, and to get up and play. The Squeaker needed to be up at 4am. He had to eat twice in a row, then got mad and bit me several times because there was no more milk. He wanted to blow razzberries at me and pull my hair, eat his feet, and roll around. He refused to go to bed without a fight. So, we hung out on the couch in the living room, playing, with my eyes closed, until he fell asleep at 6:30. Oh, and The Little Man was up for good at 6:35. :) I sure wish I was able to drink as much coffee as Daddy, or better yet, go to work like Daddy to get away from the inevitable whining.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My new favorite Easter tradition

Yesterday we went to Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA. What a fun time. :) Beautiful weather and a perfect trip for a spring day. The Squeaker slept on the ride to and from (yeah) and gave us hope for the trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa next weekend.

One of the activities there was marshmallow peeps roasting! YUMMY. The crispy outside and soft gooey inside was just perfect.