Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today was a great day

It is so beautiful these days. I love fall! No humidity and everyone is outside. It is great. There are fewer bugs (but still bugs) and believe it or not, the pool is actually quite nice. Now, I usually don't swim this late in the season, but well, um... I went for a 'dip' yesterday... sort of. You see, I also don't usually clean leaves out of the pool either, and apparently I need some practice learning how to stand on my own two feet while doing so. Yah, oopsy! Oh, and my cell phone was in my pocket and I had the baby monitor on my belt loop.

Daddy took the Little Man to the UVA football game yesterday and they both had a great time... after the fiasco during the drive down. So, when they were just about there (and the LM took only an hour nap :(), they got rear-ended. After an hour of waiting for the police to finish up, they were off to see Aunt Em... who had just locked herself out of her house. Yah, pretty much any day would be a better day.

Oh, and the baby monitor is working today... but the cell phone has perished.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Life isn't fair

Poor Squeaker... he is growing 3 teeth at one time! They have all started to cut through the skin. poor kid, they are taking forever to finish the job. No wonder he is so cranky. The two that are coming out on the bottom came out of nowhere. So glad we forget this as we get older.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No. More. Poops.

So, I take back any previous complaints/statements/thoughts I might have had regarding the Squeaker's constipation issues. I think I might actually prefer that to what we have going on right now. I am sure he is sick, with some unknown virus, but come on already....

He has been going through about 8 diapers a day (only 2-3 being just wet) and several wardrobe changes. I am tired of changing poopie diapers and my house smells.

Wanna come over for a visit?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soccer Boy

On the way home from his "soccer practice", the Little Man must have said about 20 times that he, "really really loves his soccer class", and that he "really likes his unishorts" (which is what he calls his uniform). He is hilarious. It was great to watch. He was so attentive to the coach and really did a great job dribbling and kicking the ball at whatever target he was told to kick toward. Here is some video before the class started this morning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Musings -- two in a row, he is on a roll

LM: Mommy, leave the doors open (on the car).
Mommy: I can't, I am driving.
LM: But leave them open when we are driving.
Mommy: I can't, it isn't safe. Something might fall out of the car, or you might fall out of the car.
LM: No, I can't fall out, I am buckled in tight. I can't fall, see. (demonstrates, as best he can)
Mommy: You are right, you probably wouldn't fall out if you are strapped into your car seat. But, it just isn't safe. What if another car was going to hit us. If the door was there, it would hit the door. If the door is open, the car could hit you.
LM: Well, then stop the car and let me out before the car hits us.
Mommy: (silence)
What the heck do you say to that! :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Musings.... that freak daddy out

In the car this morning, on the way home from playing, this is the conversation in our car:

LM: Oh NO!
Mommy: What, buddy?
LM: (Squeaker) is getting bigger and bigger. He is not going to be a baby any more.
Mommy: You are right. He is getting to be a big boy.
LM: Oh dear. What are we going to do?
Mommy: I don't know. He is getting older just like you.
LM: I guess we need a new baby then.
Mommy: Oh, really. We need a new baby?
LM: Yes we do. We need a baby once (Squeaker) gets bigger.
Mommy: So, where do we get a new baby from?
LM: From your tummy.
Mommy: Ah... you are right. I guess we should talk to Daddy about that one.
LM: Okay, I'll call him in a couple bits.

("couple bits" is his combo for "in a bit" and "in a couple minutes")

Yah, so we called Daddy at work and the Little Man relayed this message to him. I think it might have freaked Daddy out just a tad, but it was all in good fun. And, FYI, no new babies in our immediate future. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Can someone please tell me how to keep my Squeaker from scaling the oven! He is quite persistent on the matter... it is driving me nuts, especially since I currently have the oven set to 400 degrees.

Naptime, Interrupted

So, for the first time in MONTHS, Mommy tried to take a nap during 'naptime'. The Little Man went down at 1pm and Squeaker was in bed at 1, but didn't fall asleep until closer to 2. After Squeaker was confirmed to be asleep, Mommy lay down for a little rest, figuring at least an hour would suffice. After all, the Little Man had school this morning (for sure that would have worn him out) and Squeaker had a speech therapy appointment (consuming his morning leaving no time for a nap)... both would be asleep for hours! Well, 2:15pm and what do we hear??? "Hi Mommy! I am done with my nap." Hmmm... didn't work out exactly as planned. So, the Little Man gets a special treat and gets to watch Cars while Mommy does some searching on the internet for party ideas for an impending one year old birthday bash... WOO HOO. I am almost in denial that Squeaker is almost 1. It amazes me that he is growing up, but also that it has only been a year that he has been in our lives. Seems like he has been here as long as the Little Man.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wow, what a couple of weeks

Well, the Little Man started preschool. So far so good. He wasn't really sure about it and kept saying he didn't want to go (anxiety) but, much to my relief, he walked out the first day and said, "I love my preschool". He knows his teachers' names, his class name (Rainbow Bears), where the potty is, and even some of his friends' names. It is so cute. Yesterday, he recounted the whole 3 hours to me in the car in about 10 minutes. He didn't stop talking. He loves it... which makes ME love it. I am now wishing I had signed him up for a 3 day/week class. Oh well, next year.

Our trip to CA was great, despite the short visit. We remembered why we bought a seat for the Little Man when he was under 2 (you don't have to until they are 2)... the Squeaker gave me the best upper body workout. He would NOT sit STILL! The woman across the aisle said, "Boy, you have your hands full, he is a powerhouse." Yup, he sure is. Strength is definitely NOT our issue.

Speaking of issues, we have a speech therapy evaluation for Squeaker tomorrow morning to assess his ability to drink liquids. He does not take in enough volume from any sort of cup - and definitely not in an efficient manner. So, unless I am planning to going to college with him so he can drink, I figured I'd get this whole drinking thing worked out.

I can't believe that some of the kids we know are turning 3! THREE! How does that happen that three whole years have come and gone and now there is another child that will be on the same super speedway to leaving his mommy forever? Hard to imagine that we have been parents that long, even harder to believe that these two kids we have are so amazing and wonderful every day!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

What goes on in that little head

The Little Man needed to change his clothes this evening (due to making a huge mess, with mommy's approval) and had been stripped to his cool soccerball underwear. He heads to his room to get new shorts and shirt and comes back with elmo underwear on top of his soccer ball underwear. oh, and no shirt, no shorts. Hmmm... not sure why. He kept it like that the rest of the day. He didn't even mind pulling down both pairs when going potty Guess he felt like he needed the extra security? Silly silly boy.

Also, have noticed he is making up words all over the place. He makes up names of games he wants to play, things that he will see, things he has already seen, etc. Sometimes we have to remind him that we only know 'regular' words and really can't figure out what the heck he is saying. Again, silly boy.

The Little Man's new decor