Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Happy birthday to the best Daddy and husband anyone could ask for! You are the greatest!!!! I am sorry that you didn't get to visit the museums in DC or Old Town Alexandria yesterday. The boys are sorry that they were so tired and cranky, but it is just because we had so much fun in Charlottesville on Sunday visiting the family. Little Man says that he had a great time, and although he took a great nap at Aunt Em's house, he needed to go to bed before 10pm to be happy the next day. Squeaker says sorry for the horrible nap at Aunt Em's house, but he just wanted to give you an early b-day gift and show off his new talent - climbing out of the pack-n-play. We had a wonderful time at the air and space museum and it was great having Uncle Will here visiting all day!!! Oh, and we can't forget the yummy pizza dinner at Rubino's (our favorite). And, after a yummy dessert (thanks for the birthday cake, Grandma), Squeaker knew you wanted an encore presentation of his climbing skills, so he demonstrated his newest feat and climbed out of his crib at bedtime. And after finally crashing in Mommy's arms (so cute, by the way), you got to enjoy some peace and quiet on your bday!!! WE LOVE YOU!

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Grandma West said...

Dear Jake, I have been a terrible one this year for getting b days on time. But that doen't mean that I forgot or don't love you !