Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pluggin' along

Not much going on around here.  We spent the entire last week healthy!!!  I would knock on wood right now, but I purposely said nothing earlier because I KNEW that I would have immediately jinxed myself.  Well, too late... all is back to normal.  We are sick again.  Just the boys, and just snot, but I think maybe it contributed to Squeaker's lasted 'bite-shaped' tatoo on his cheek.  Um, yah... 

Ah well, perhaps the ENT, or otolaryngologist will be able to diagnose another ear infection tomorrow???  

And, as a means of an update, the room consolidation is going extremely well.  We have been realistic in the whole process and they are doing quite well.  There are some days that are much harder than others, and some when the nap schedules conflict, but all in all, we are doin' well.  The Little Man falls asleep at naptime while Squeaker puts on his halftime show in his crib.  Squeaker falls asleep at naptime while Little Man sings to himself, talks up a storm and calls out to mommy and daddy to check out the stars on his ceiling that are glowing (as they have for his entire little life, now go to sleep!).  So, while we are confident that there will be days/nights that will make us want to muzzle one or the other child, we are glad we put them together sooner, rather than later.  And, I am already enjoying my new crafting space! :)

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