Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great American Road Trip - Day 3

Charleston (or just outside of it), SC --> Atlanta, GA

Our trip should have gone like this:
Wake up early, eat breakfast, meet friend from OT school and head to Charleston to roam around, catch a quick bite to eat and head to Atlanta during naptime.  

Instead it went something like this:
Wake up later than planned, but no biggie because the tire place didn't open until 9.  Eat breakfast and get to the tire place to be assisted by the worlds slowest employee.  Wait 30 minutes to find out the tire cannot be repaired but they do not have the replacement tire needed for vehicle.  Finally find a place that is open on a Sunday that also carries the tire and the headed to Charleston with friend (who humored us while dealt with the tire thing) in the rain and just before our usual lunch time.  Boys did well, especially since there were canons to look at, but ate a very late lunch, drove back to pick up car, and waited another hour or so for them to finish.  We started our drive westbound through South Carolina.  As the boys slept (for LATE naps) I discovered several things:
South Carolina is pretty
There are about 3 gazillion churches
The pace down there is definitely slower -- except when driving. 
South Carolinians don't take major highways... they take the backroads.  When we were on the major highway, there was maybe 1 or 2 local license plates... but, on the 'road less traveled', we might have been the only out-of-towners.  I felt so cool. 

We stopped for dinner to burn some energy.  Squeaker learned a new word: Donalds. (Good ole Mickey D's)

We made it to Atlanta around 10:30 and we are now waiting for Little Man to follow his brother off to dreamland.  I am sure the excitement of yet another hotel combined with his recent dose of albuterol isn't helping.  :)

No pictures today as I am too tired to download them from my camera, and there weren't that many anyway since it was raining most of the day and I tried to keep the camera out of the rain.  
Up next: Adventures in Atlanta -- which will include little to no driving. 

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Grandma West said...

sounds like atipical trip across country with little ones and the rain and flat tire etc, etc. Love it!! Keep on pluggin away and you'll make it. LOVE YAH1