Friday, October 24, 2008

Great American Roadtrip- Days 11-12

After leaving Phoenix, we ventured north to visit Montezuma Castle. It was so cool and I wish they still allowed people to climb up to see the interior. It just amazes me that people could build something so amazing that would endure for so many years. I am becoming much more interested in history as I get older (and wiser?). Perhaps I am just now able too appreciate it. From there we headed up toward Sedona. WOW - the drive was spectacular!!! Unfortunately we were unable to get all the way to Sedona itself as the road was closed for some unknown and unfortunate (for us) reason. So, after backtracking a bit, we were back on our way toward the Grand Canyon. Before we entered the Grand Canyon we stopped at one of many small old towns along Historic Route 66, Williams, AZ. It was cute, but the boys' naps were curtailed by the slow speeds and frequent stop signs :(. Ah well.

So... The Grand Canyon... I was amazed and awestruck. It was totally worth the steep entrance fee. We will definitely be going again! For me, it was the best part of the trip. Little Man claims that the Grand Canyon was not as good as the space center but better than the aquarium. Squeaker just kept saying, "All done canon". Humph, kids.

We spent the night at one of the lodges there along the southern rim. That allowed us to check out the sunrise from Yavapai Point before our long day of driving. It was wonderful, cold, but wonderful.

The drive west on I-40 parallels Route 66, so we were able to 'get our kicks'; as well as make progress. Recommended stopping points: Seligman and Kingman. Stopping points to skip: Peach springs.

We arrived in San Diego around 8:30pm and after running around like crazy, headed off to dreamland in our new, temporary home with Ga-Mommy. Home Sweet Home... Finally!!!

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