Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great American Road Trip - Day 4 and 5

Wow, Day 5 already? I have to include some of day 4 since I took a break for my (lack of) musings. Anyhow, yesterday we had the whole day to explore Atlanta. The first stop was the Georgia Aquarium. It was enjoyable for us all. The boys could have stared into the HUGE tanks for hours... I felt like we were constantly hurrying them along because I was bored. Bad Mommy. And, I didn't want to miss anything and then hit hungry-tired-crabby time (which we did anyway, despite my hurrying). It was an awesome place with some unique sea creatures. My favorites were the river otter and the beluga whales. Squeaker enjoys telling me that he saw a whale shark, of which there were two, but I am not sure he is actually able to point out in a crowd. He just likes saying it. Little Man's favorite part is BY FAR the diver we saw in the very first tank, cleaning the side of the tank with a brush. Man, if I had known this ahead of time, i wouldn't have spent the money on him! :)

We walked around the Olympic centennial park and then played at one of their amazing play structures. Great Fun!

After 3 hour naps, we didn't have much time to explore further than the hotel and the 1 mile radius surrounding it (it was like 5:30 when the awoke). So dinner, then playing with toys in our room, then bed.
Today was a lot of driving, but, we did get to stop in Talladega to see the Speedway. Little Man was more impressed with the pit road section of the tour than anything else... oh wait, I take that back, in the museum and hall of fame, there were racecar video games that they couldn't stay away from (even without quarters). Simple pleasures. My favorite part was the smashed up car where I could explain exactly why he was never allowed to drive a race car, but he could watch and enjoy all he wanted. He could be racing's biggest fan, as long as he does not get behind the wheel.

Now, we are in southern Mississippi, headed to New Orleans tomorrow. Should be a fun day, as long as it isn't too rainy.

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