Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GO TO SLEEP... please.

Pretty Please. We are teaching Squeaker to sleep in a big boy bed. I know, he has been in a big boy bed for a long time... but, since there has been so much going on in our lives, we decided to hold off on the true form of big-boy bed sleeping... and opted for sleeping in a Peapod tent. (Which, by the way is awesome and we LOVE.) Anyhow, since we have been procrastinating at potty training, because we were moving and spending most of our days in the car, we have decided to finally move forward with this milestone. To potty train, however, he needs to be free to get in and out of his bed on his own... not zipped up in a tent. So, first things first, get rid of the tent. It has been about 6 days and here is our progress:
  • Day 1: no tent, took 1 hour 30 minutes to stay in bed and fall asleep. Mommy and daddy alternated going in to put him back in bed, both had jello arms that evening (he does way 30 lbs, don't laugh)
  • Day 2: tent (we had to be somewhere that afternoon). slept well
  • Day 3: no tent, took an hour and 20 minutes to stay in bed and fall asleep. same deal with mom and dad's arms
  • Day 4: removed brother from room at naptime. Amazingly, brother fell asleep much quicker without the distraction. Squeaker, on the other hand decided it was more conducive to playtime and emptied all books, puzzles and toys from their designated bins/shelves. Oh, and took 1 hour to fall asleep. Less putting back to bed by mom and dad or perhaps we are getting stronger, cuz our arms weren't tired.
  • Day 5: brother out of room, takes 1 hour to fall asleep with minimal replacement into bed.
  • Day 6: Brother out of room, takes 40 minutes to fall asleep with maybe one or two times to put back by mommy.
Woo Hoo -- progress at last!

So, now back to that potty training thing I mentioned. So, Squeaker asks to go poopie and wants his diaper changed immediately following a non-potty poopie. He also will pee and poopie on the potty if placed, pretty much any time during the day. Well, pee pee for sure. So, I feel like that these are enough for us to just go for it. We kinda went all or nothing with Little Man, so why the heck not do it again. And, because we are crazy like that, we are going to do night training at the same time. His diapers are dry pretty much all the time anyway and what is a little extra laundry. I might need to pick up a few more sheets before we start though. Just in case. And, big brother is going to do night training too. This might be a little harder since he drinks like a fish during the day, but it is really the waking to go and not being lazy part we need to focus on. It is pretty much guaranteed that he is going to wake up at night. Won't it be nice to have both boys out of diapers? Sure will. Now what am I going to do with all these extra pullups I bought for them because they were on sale???

I will keep you posted on our progress. Posting may be sparse since we are still quite busy getting settled -- there are preschools to find, jobs to locate, driver's licenses to obtain, and doctors to visit... isn't moving Fun? (that was with a capital F)

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