Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creative Non-dreams

Little Man went to bed about 30 minutes ago. And, in the last 30 minutes he managed to:
- talk an almost asleep Squeaker into climbing under his bed.
- discuss not sleeping with his brother and bounce on his bed repeatedly
- (once Squeaker was sequestered into Mommy and Daddy's room to sleep) had 'fake' bad dreams

Here is the dream. Sounds like a crazy dream, and would have been cool, except that there was no way that it could have occurred in the 5 minutes between us leaving the room and his screaming out for us.

Daddy: (his turn to go in) What? You should be sleeping.
LM: I am having a bad dream.
Daddy: Okay, well, think of something good and then try going to sleep.
LM: I dreamed that a giant crumbling ball, making grumbling noises was coming towards our family and leaving frogs behind it.

Apparently the dinner of hot dogs and ice cream do not mix. Serves us right. :)

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