Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have been in a cleaning and organizing mood. I chalk it up to the warm sunny weather. The only problem is not having any place to put things and our current accumulation of adorable little girly clothes! Also, we had pulled out winter stuff for our trip to VA that just got put away. Seriously, we have a lot of stuff, and especially toys. And, apparently we have nothing to play with because the boys fight over the same toy, no matter what toy, every time they play together. Oh my gosh, it is the last space shuttle in the house, must have it, give it to me now, I can't play with anything but THAT space shuttle. Oh, look, there are two... I'll take that bigger, faster one that you found mom, sure, sucks for you bro. Aughh... I know the fighting won't get better, but maybe they'll be able to resolve things better on their own without resorting to biting, hitting and all that nasty mean stuff.

Oh, so spring cleaning. The playroom is organized and cleaned up and even vacuumed, the rooms are picked up but not quite clean -- I need to vacuum and am really tired of changing sheets... still... and the clothes are washed and put away, ready for us to get them all dirty again. I love that feeling. Now it is time to have fun. Not sure what we will be doing, but something as a family. We need a break from "being busy" -- maybe we will go explore somewhere??? Go for a hike (if my hips can take it)??? Chill out and play in the yard??? Who knows what the day will hold!

P.S. Little Man is doing well after his surgery. He ate chips and guacamole the day after and had pancakes, eggs and sausage the following morning. I think his diet is back to normal. He is not moving his jaw a whole lot to talk, but I think he'll get over that in a day or so, when he forgets that he had the surgery at all. Right now we are cutting back on pain meds and he hasn't had codeine in 2 days... just regular pain meds. What a trooper!!!

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