Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year, New Resolution

I am not one to make solid or achievable new year's resolutions, but I am turning over a new leaf. Hey, my first resolution:
1. Make an obtainable New Year's Resolution

Here are my others:
2. Get more sleep! (I believe this will fix many other "would be" resolutions, like "be more patient with kids") Stick to a 10pm bedtime and get up at 6am every morning to get a jump start on my kids.
3. Read more books that I did last year. This should not be hard as I only read 1 book last year. Oh, and this does not count books read to kids (which is in the billions) - only books for me as my list of books to read does not get smaller with each passing year.
4. Start my own business (with a partner).
5. Exercise regularly and for longer than 3 months. I did keep up with soccer last year, but I need something more that a once per week thing.
6. Be more creative with meal planning.

We'll see how this goes. :)

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