Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My Little Man was superkid last week at school. Along with all the "special jobs" the superkid does, he also gets to hear a lot of wonderful things about himself from the kids in his class. We brought home a life-size poster on Friday and after reading it we are sure of 2 things:
1. We are not worried (we never were) about his academics. He is doing well. Other kids have noticed.
2. We are glad we put him in PEPP... apparently we are still working on some 'issues' with self-control! :) Ahh... a few more months to work out the kinks!

"(Little Man) tries to keep his hands to himself. He walks quietly in the hallway."

Sidenote: Just used Adobe Photoshop Elements "Panorama" feature to connect three images... amazing!  Took me several tries, however, to get the image small enough to upload.

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