Monday, January 24, 2011

Tired and Cranky and a NEVER-ENDING To-Do List

We are tired and cranky over here... probably due to a plethora (I love that word) of snot, related coughing, and general malaise. This weather, this gorgeous weather, is actually not helping. It is kicking up all kinds of dust, pollens, and the warmth is making some flowers think it is spring. I am not complaining, just stating the facts, ma'am.

Anyhow, the bedtime resolution I made a few weeks ago... not. going. well. There is simply too much to do. And, 8-10pm is NOT an optimal time for productivity. I am worn out and slow and ready for down time. Thus, my 2 hours of whiddling down my to do list turns into 1 hour of attempting to do things I have no brain power or physical energy to complete successfully, followed by sitting in front of the tv for a "break", ending in 2 hours of tv watching and ohmygosh, it is WAY past bedtime! What was I thinking?

UGH. So, tonight it is to bed, and our adventures tomorrow will likely wear me out, but I have banned TV after the kids go to bed in the hopes that I can be productive knowing sleep will be upon me so very soon.

Hey, look... while typing this message, my laundry was miraculously folded! CHECK! Oh and dishes... DONE! My equally tired and crabby and busy spouse is on FIRE! (maybe I should keep typing... shhhh). :)

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