Monday, November 13, 2006

Little Kid

Second post of the day:

Well, the Squeaker has officially joined the world of the awake. He is up a couple times a day for an hour or two -- just long enough to soak in the constant ramblings of his brother, sports commentary of his father, and the oos and ahhs from his mother. :) I also should tell you that even when the squeaker is asleep, he still gets these precious gifts, along with a boat load of kisses, especially from his brother.

We have enjoyed every day of his early arrival. My due date has still not arrived, so we consider these past 3 weeks as sort of a breaking in period for us all. We are waiting for the real craziness to present itself - it is bound to happen any day. For the moment, Squeaker is content being shuttled into and out of the car as we keep ourselves from getting stir crazy inside the house, and when we aren't on the go, he enjoys his cozy perch on mommy's chest. I forgot just how wonderful it is to hold a sleeping baby. They are so perfect!

Anyway, the last day and a half have been a little more unpleasant for our dear squeaker. he has had a mild case of reflux since birth, but yesterday he just had a hard time getting comfortable. we probably had more crying yesterday and last night than the previous 3 weeks put together (which really isn't much as he only cries when he gets his diaper changed -- and I am QUICK!) To continue, last night was by far the worst, and instead of typing this message, i should be finding something to do today to prevent me from falling asleep so my boys don't have to fend for themselves all day. The Squeaker at just before i went to bed (like usual) then woke up after 2 hours (unusual) to eat. So, I fed him, burped him, and 2 hours of awake time later, handed him off to daddy to see if his magic touch could soothe his stomach. Then, instead of sleeping, i listened to him fuss and whine for another 30 minutes before he was back in my arms to eat again... he barely ate and fell asleep (obviously needed mommy to insert her pacifier instead of that plastic one daddy had). This was great, however, Squeaker decided he didn't want to be transfered to his bassinette, so he slept in my arms for about and hour and a half until daddy woke up and said, 'want to try to put him down in his bed now'. being the dumb mommy that i am, i agreed and wha-la.. he was up and ravenous! so, after eating, burping and successfully transferring to his bed, his older brother's light came on and this is where we are right now! fun night! i hope we have more of these so i can remember that having babies is not fun all the time. :)

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Melissa said...

Sorry about the lack of sleep! The photos of little man are so cute, I love hearing about how he is growing up.

Take good care of the squeaker, I want to see him soooo bad!!