Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On our own

We are now on our own... after Ga-Mommy's long visit after the Squeakers arrival. We were so happy to have her with us! The Little Man loved having her undivided attention most days and the Squeaker loved to snuggle with her on the couch. And, I loved having extra hands and moral support 24/7. I am sure the adjustment to being outnumbered will be difficult, but we are excited to try. :)

The Little Man was sick over the weekened, but is now 'well', and we hope that his germs didn't get passed along to other members of the family. At the time, I was thinking that this was not so fun, especially given the mood that accompanied the illness - but now I am glad it happened when it did - when Ga-mommy was here. Now, no more illnesses allowed, no more crankiness, no more doctor visits until Mommy is able to manage by herself with her ducklings in tow. :)

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