Friday, November 24, 2006

The Squeaker has the final word

So, apparently I don't take enough pictures of the littlest one in our family. In my defense, he really doesn't do much more than sleep and eat. In the 2 hours a day he is awake and alert, we soak up some q.t. with him that there is no thought of picture taking. Since I have been chided by more than one person on this matter, I decided to step it up a notch:

He likes his swing most of the time. So far, the Squeaker has spent more time in it than his brother did. Good thing we kept it around for 2 years!

Watching comedy central with Uncle Brad.

He looks so peaceful! I wish he was this peaceful last night. Now Uncle Brad is confident he doesn't want to have kids any time soon.

Please, please, no more pictures...!!!!


Melissa said...

Thank you! :)

halfoz said...

Love the pictures. WB will also really enjoy them. He is so cute.