Monday, February 19, 2007

Going our separate ways

Our weekend was different than most -- usually we spend the weekend together, running errands and doing chores. This weekend was a bit different:
Since the Squeaker dislikes riding in the car, and we aren't quite ready to listen to his squeals/screams/cries for 2+ hours, The Little Man had his first solo trip with Daddy. They headed south to Charlottesville and then to Richmond for some family time. Daddy's birthday (and Daddy's brother's birthday) was on Sunday. We (The Squeaker and I) were sad to miss it, but I think it was probably a more enjoyable trip for the boys because of it. Sounds like they had a good time and everyone did well.

The Squeaker and I did well at home by ourselves and pretty much did a lot of nothin'. Nothin' included laundry, sleeping, and cleaning, mostly. And really, not much cleaning got done after the laundry and sleeping. We went to the Squeaker's friend's baptism yesterday, which was lovely, had dinner at a friend's house, then the weekend ended with a wonderful four month check up at the pediatrician. whoopie!

Now, we are all happy to be back together and have some stories to swap.

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