Friday, February 09, 2007

Non-stop is much better than a layover

So, our flight back was the complete opposite of the flight out. I have to say, that we have discovered the perfect time to fly (at least until our nap schedules change again). Our flight was to leave at 1pm... so we left around 10:15 or so from Ga-mommy's house, returned the car, took the shuttle to the airport (with all our bags), checked in without a hitch, ate at Rubios (yummy), and then went through security to board the plane. The plane was a few minutes late in boarding, so the Squeaker HAD to eat while waiting to board and The Little Man decided that he really couldn't go much longer without a nap. Once on board, everyone was content, and the plate took off. The Little Man was enthralled with the whole takeoff and shortly thereafter fell asleep with his head in daddy's lap. He slept 2 hours. The Squeaker also slept 2 hours. Then with 1 1/2 hours left on the flight, both boys awake, we at a snack and turned on the portable DVD player where the Little Man zoned out for the rest of the trip home watching Baby Songs and Elmo's World. Seriously, he never moved out of his seat during the whole 4 hour flight. He was equally enthralled with the landing and all in all we had a WONDERFUL trip! Yeah, let's do it again - but not for a while.

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