Saturday, February 17, 2007

A glimpse of the future

I dunno... maybe 14 years from now... The Little Man has all of a sudden decided to eat us out of house and home. It is really unbelievable. I wish that writing this down was enough, but it really isn't. You have to see it for yourself.

Now, typically, he isn't much of a breakfast person. He would eat a bowl of cereal and have some milk. Occasionally, we'd throw in some fruit or something like that. If we were 'making' breakfast, he'd eat a small pancake, an egg, and usually a couple pieces of meat (canadian bacon, sausage, etc). We rely on this eating routine these days. It takes about 15 min or so to eat and he is done until about 10:30 when a snack of a handful of crackers or an apple will tide him over until lunch time. Not the case these days and it is MESSING ME UP! First of all, we plan on a short breakfast to make it out the door to whatever event we have planned, and secondly, we don't have enough food. :)

For example yesterday: a bowl of cereal, strawberries, yogurt, and a granola bar. About 20 min later, add in a handful of crackers and an apple. Snack time as usual - crackers, then for lunch he ate a small chicken breast and noodles, and dried fruit. then he wanted more. Well, we were out and I didn't pack more, but luckily Mrs Fields was nearby where he proceeded to devour a huge cookie (he doesn't really like sweets, strange, i know). I forget how he did at dinner, but i am sure it was great. Then this morning, it was 4 pancakes, an egg and a half, and two pieces of canadian bacon... and some fruit? I am not sure. Geez, he is eating more than I am! It is unbelievable. My fear now is that he is going to outgrow his winter clothes before it gets warm enough for spring clothes and we'll have to buy two new wardrobes... or wear the same thing everyday (and that is too much laundry).

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halfoz said...

Being the youngest in a large family I grew up around lots of kids. That is how I learned to change kids etc and taught WB how to change babies when Mrs H came along. I think my mom would have said, "I think a growing spurt is coming"

Again I loved the movie.