Friday, March 07, 2008

Doctor visits

I feel like we are a regular show at our pediatrician's office. And, I do mean show. It is so very fun hauling the two boys plus all their diversions around, only to find that they would rather spin around on the doctor's chair (and subsequently fall off), play with the paper liner on the patient table, or climb up on the chairs to reach the tissues and see how many you can remove before Mommy realizes what you are doing. Fun times, I tell ya. Anywho, yes, we were back at the doctor today. They boys both had nasty coughs and wheezing going on so I thought I would make sure I was drugging them appropriately. And, no, I wasn't... more, they need more!!! and, apparently, inhalers don't cure ear infections -- what's that you say, ear infection... oh yes, this makes #6 for Squeaker since his birthday. Poor kid. And, we still have 1 month left until his surgery... how can this be??? I guess my New Year's resolution is now just a dream and a hope for next year.

So, now begins the countdown. April 8th is our surgery date... that leaves 32 days to go. I hope we make it.

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