Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Musings...oops, uh Tuesday

Oopsy, I forgot that yesterday was Monday. Where was my head? Probably buried in chocolate. Anyway, speaking of food, here is the latest musing:

Me: Little Man, what do you want for breakfast? Cereal or eggs?
LM: Cereal
Me: Here you go.... cereal! (I'm eating eggs.)
LM: I want eggs, too.
Me: Eat your cereal and I will make you an egg.
LM: (scarfs down his food) I'm done, can I have an egg?
Me: Sure. (I make a scrambled egg)
LM: (stares at food blankly)
LM: I don't want an egg.
Me: Well, you asked for it so it'd be nice if you ate it.
LM: But, my eating motor is broken.
Me: What does that mean?
LM: It is pretend. It means I can't eat my food cuz the motor to eat it is broken.
Me: Too bad, find another way.
LM: Okay. (eats eggs)

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