Saturday, March 29, 2008

Morning Fun

You know what is really fun? When your three year old wakes up on Saturday morning (not too early, thankfully) and says his jammies are wet. That isn't so bad, but really, they weren't just went... they were soaked, as were all his sheets, blankets, pillow, etc. From what he says, this is what happened:

"I woke up and needed a lot of water. So I drank and drank and drank my water. Then I got down off my bed to go potty. I took my diaper off and put it in the trash and went back to bed.

Um, yah. Good thinking, Little Man, but your timeline is a little off. See, he knows that if he drinks a lot, he will have to go pee. We tell him that all the time so that we can work on this nighttime potty training thing. Well, since he drank a lot, he figured he would go lots of pee and then he'd be good for the night. Slight problem was that this all occurred before midnight... so a diaperless bottom + lots of water + many hours left of sleep = new bed sheets. I guess there are good things to being an independent young man, and there are some drawbacks... :)

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Grandma West said...

wow !!! I bet he was cold!
Love Grandma West