Monday, March 10, 2008

Musings Monday

I think I am going to start up a regular segment -- Musings Monday. I don't post enough musings by Little Man (or so I have been told), so this will force me to do it on a weekly basis.


Today on the way to the doctor (yes, again) the boys were being wild and loud in the car -- luckily they were strapped in or we would have had a madhouse on our hands.

Me (to LM): Instead of yelling, why don't you teach Squeaker some calm sounds to make while Mommy is driving.
LM: (quiet)
LM: Sometimes my silly comes out automatically. Usually it's silly and wild, then comes calm. Silly, wild, rough, then calm comes after a while.
Me: Ah, so that is what it is. Okay, that explains a lot!

(so wise!!!)

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Grandma West said...

He's really a smart kid, I can not imagine how you really can keep up with him.. I will pray a lot for you and Jake. I can't wait until Sue comes back to tell me about them.
LOVE YOU ALL Grandma West