Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 To Do List

In no particular order:

Get into a good routine about working/school/daycare
Change LM's preschool
Buy a house (with enough bedrooms to split up the boys)
Teach Squeaker to go to sleep painlessly
Go camping
Potty train Squeaker
Visit family in VA
Visit friends
Take a trip with Daddy and no kids
Be better about posting to this blog
Have a baby
Find a store that sells patience
Exercise more (which is not saying much... since it is now none)
Wake up friends on the east coast in the middle of the night so I can talk to them since there is never a good time, apparently
Go to Yosemite

1 comment:

Melissa Haworth said...

see, now you know it is SO hard to call east coast friends when you're a west coaster ;) I know I always called at bad times.

Welcome to the PST ;)