Friday, January 16, 2009

Can't find what I'm looking for

I can't find Diaper Doublers anywhere! Where are they? Apparently in VA only. :( Humph. Don't kids out west pee a lot when sleeping? Mine does and we have tried alternatives... so... if you live in Southern CA, and you have seen these elusive diapering essentials, would you mind passing there location along? thanks!


krisfun said... sells different kinds of diaper doublers (I use the fleece ones with the cloth diapers). maybe they have something you can use?

G's Mommy said...

I searched high and low for these a while back only to find that they have been discontinued. There are the occasional lots of them on eBay for exhorbitant prices, which I refuse to pay. We finally just bought a pack of Kotex overnights and told G that they were a new kind of diaper doublers. The other day Jerry and G were in the grocery store and passed the sanitary items, G yells out "hey dad, there are all my diaper doubler!". Jerry was a bit mortified! But oh well. Hopefully we aren't scaring him for life or we'll be spending a lot on therapy later on!