Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Being Outnumbered

I am not sure we are ready to be outnumbered by our offspring. Well, I am pretty sure I am more ready that Daddy, but I am very glad there is 9 months... um, really, only 23 weeks left, boy oh boy... until baby #3 makes his/her appearance. Time is flying by and this means, I really have to start taking belly shots so this baby won't feel so slighted when looking through the baby book. Oh, so, speaking of baby books.... I sure do have a lot to do. I have to finish (uh, start) Squeaker's baby book. I have to acquire some baby items that might be of use (i.e., baby tub, bassinet, infant car seat)... oh dear. I also need to figure out how to stop expecting my spirited, energetic, and intelligent (I am not biased) children to be perfect so that I will stop yelling and getting frustrated. Adding one more to that mix, with that attitude, will be a losing battle. Oh, and most importantly, we all need some sleep. I am about ready to call the sleep lady over because I really don't like waking up before 6 am to reprimand my boys for climbing around under their beds. ;)

So, the questions going over and over in my head... what do you do when you have all three with you and only 2 hands to cross the street? Are they really reliable enough to hold hands with each other? What if you are on an excursion and you bring the 2 seat stroller and all 3 need to be strapped in for your sanity? What happens when you take a cross country flight with a 3 yo, 5 yo and a 6 mo old? Do they allow you to be drugged prior to the flight? I know it really won't be as difficult as I imagine, things will work out, Little Man will be older and in school, Squeaker will be less rambunctious (I hope), and baby #3 will be as docile as a sleeping lamb. A friend of mine has a 4 yo and 2 yo twins and she flew to New Zealand. If she can do it with that crowd, I am sure I will be fine. Daddy may take a separate flight, but we'll be fine. :)

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Swistle said...

I found I could hold two hands in each of my hands: one child walks a little in front of the other, and I weave my fingers around their wrists and hands.

I also like harnesses, which I've noticed are kind of controversial, but if you don't hate them they're like having another hand.

I like strollers a lot. If I have two kids in the double stroller and one kid holding my hand (or, when everyone was littler, twin and baby in the stroller and one twin in the harness, or else both twins in the stroller and the baby in a frontpack), I feel like I have everyone safe.

But traveling? EEK. Scares me.