Saturday, January 31, 2009

Call and answer

Squeaker has taken up a couple really annoying responses to pretty much anything spoken directly too him. His first response is to say, "what?" before you even finish what you are saying. His second, if you ask a question, he responds with "I don't know." and usually will then proceed to give the answer to your question about 75% of the time. As cute as it was the first time, I am pretty sure we would be happy to welcome a new speech pattern any time now.

As a side note, I finally found our old gdiapers in our packed boxes. I tried them on Squeaker and slightly too small. So we got some in the next size up and they fit beautifully. I am so glad. My hope is that if I keep him in cloth all the time, maybe, just maybe, he'll potty train himself? He has until Easter, then we are going to give it another go. I was so hoping he would be potty trained before the baby's arrival.

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Grandma West said...

Hi sounds like you are all having so much fun. Things will get better I promise. LUV YA ALL.