Monday, January 19, 2009

Mixed bag

For once in a long time, we both had the day off. No work for the parents today, no school for the kids, woo hoo. So, we made grand plans to head to Coronado for some sightseeing and beach-playing. Unfortunately, Squeaker decided that his cold was more than a cold and started wheezing yesterday and has a fever that won't go away. So, I called the doctor this am... right when they opened... and the only appointment was at 11:30am. What the heck??? Smack dab in the middle of the day? Plans = Ruined. But, we needed to get out, so we altered our plan, dosed up Squeaker with Tylenol and headed to Mission Bay. It was perfect timing. As the drugs were wearing off (see pic at end), it was time for us to head home. Perfect!

So, I would have to say that this park is one of my favorites. It is a sandy park, no mulch. I really don't like mulch so much. Also, it had a little of everything. Climbing, slides, swings, tunnels, holes to pour sand through, etc. The boys had a great time and ran around like crazy. I can't wait to do it again, but the next time, we'll bring bikes/scooters and ride along the sidewalk that parallels the bay. That would have been a nice stroll.

Results from doctor reveal wheezing, fever, and cold symptoms. I should really go back to school for my medical degree, I'd breeze through the pediatric section, I think. ;) Let's get this cleared up ASAP... I really don't want to have to bring the nebulizer on our trip to VA next month.

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Grandma West said...

I sure hope that squeaker has started to recover from his wheezing. GET BETTER SQUEAKER !!