Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of School

Little Man started Kindergarten this week. He is SO ready for Kindergarten, and if weren't for the age, maturity, and motor development, he would be ready for 1st grade...

Before we even moved to this school district, we were going to put LM in this kindergarten program. It is a special program for those children with late birthdays or who might need another year before the rigors of the full-day K program. Apparently, it isn't like it was when we were young. In kindergarten, they are expected to write sentences, stories, and illustrations. I seem to remember that was what you learned in 1st grade! Times have changed. Anyway, since his birthday is in October, and he tends to shy away from writing/coloring/finger-related activities and gravitates more to run run run/sword-fight/attack/chase/hide/scream/yell. Yes, all boy! So, we thought it would be best to place him in a 2-year kindergarten program. He has one year of half-day K that focuses on basic skills required for the full day curriculum the following year. One more year to grow!

So, the first day of school... it was spectacular. He was a little emotional (just like his mom - excitement and nervousness) but went in and just did beautifully. He is, apparently, a good listener and already made an impression on the teacher. ;) As long as he does it at school, that is all I really care about. He is a bit sad that he can't go all day, but there is time enough for that. It actually works out well that he goes 1/2 day since he still naps. The best part for me, we can walk to and from school. No driving and hauling kids in and out for a 2 minute drive. It is heavenly. Just a stroller, beautiful weather and a little bit of exercise.

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Melissa Haworth said...

Yay! So great to hear LM did well on his first day.