Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He can SEE

Check out this handsome devil:

Apparently he was having a hard time. He was not quite seeing in 3D as most of us do. Hence all the bumps and bruises and the black tooth. :) These glasses are supposed to help. We'll see, right. But in the meantime, he is just so cute!!!!! It is a good thing, too, because look what happened today:

He just can't help himself. He has a very strong urge to destroy everything in his path. Pretty soon, his hands will be duct taped together and strapped down. Can't wait to take these to the eye doctor. "Um, hi, we need his glasses adjusted". It sure is a good thing there is a 1 year unconditional replacement. I wonder how many they allow in that 1 year??? Seeing as how this is a WEEK!!! AUGH!

*Edit: This picture does not do justice to what he did. For more information, these are fully folded. The hinge is bent and the metal is practically snapped at the earpiece. He had to work really hard to do this. These are the super-bendy ones too. Like ones that you would get for a 3 year old. Yup, not this 3 year old!


Melissa Haworth said...

Is that SQUEAKER?? When did he turn into such a big boy? Those glasses make him look at least 5. I don't think I'd recognize him.

Anonymous said...

He is just like his dad and crazy uncle Will. Whatever Jake didn't destroy, Will obliterated as a youngin'. Don't believe me? Ask Mom.

Welcome to my formative years living inbetween these two.
-Aunt Em