Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick Day Complaints

Sick days are not fun, especially if you, yourself are sick. Of the five of us, 4 are sick. Snotty, coughing, congested, coughing, runny nose, did I mention coughing? Luckily we own a TV, are stocked with tissues, and there is a redbox about 5 minutes away. Aaaaand, it is like the only rainy week we'll have this year, of course... it is cold and windy too. So, no going outside. I was a bit unprepared for today, but set for tomorrow. I have a continuing education class to attend tomorrow (don't you want to sit next to me) and Daddy took the day off. If the night goes well, 2 kids are headed to school in the morning, leaving the wee one. That would be ideal. What is more likely to happen is that Daddy has all 3, all day. He is so excited at the prospect! So, movies in hand, a garage full of fun toys (have I shown this to you yet?) and a fridge full of pepsi, I think we are set! Wish him luck! :)


Melissa Haworth said...

I want to see the garage!!

Melissa Haworth said...

Oh, and feel better soon :)

ga mommy said...

the "garage" is a playroom many kids would trade their sister for.