Monday, January 18, 2010

Key points on our weekend

Friday night - dinner out at favorite restaurant where uncle works. Little Lady was sooooo tired and finally fell asleep as our food arrived. Then, the waitstaff broke out into some traditional "wake the baby" song... something about eating food in Italy. Anyhow, it worked. But here is a shot just before the song and the dirty looks delivered in the singers' direction.

Work for me on Saturday was blissful compared to Daddy dragging the boys to get their second round of shots (one child requiring adult restraint). GaMommy had it easiest with a sleeping babe in a "cozy" (read messy) house.

Sunday was church, birrthday party, football party/movie, movie, sleep - followed by the possibility that I might have 2 kids allergic to their aunt's cute little "fox-dog" hybrid. (rough night) The saddest part is that Little Lady LOVES LOVES LOVES this dog... who must love her as he tried to french kiss her several times.

Monday is a day off and we are off to a slow start. Yummy breakfast, rainy day and I had my mind set on sewing. Alas, my machine is not cooperating so I am pretty sure not much sewing will be done. :( Perhaps a costco run is in order, that always cheers me up! :)

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