Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Growing and I don't know what

So, the Squeaker is growing, apparently. He wakes up ravenous after only a few hours sleep at night and from all his naps. He screams until he gets to eat... which is so unlike him. So, I decided that he must be growing. This was decided after I fed him (he drank plenty of milk) then an hour and a half later, we decided to 'try' a bottle before bed and he downed a 5 oz bottle and the additional 1.5 oz I warmed up after that. I refused to give him more cuz I can't believe that his tummy can hold that much! He slept all that night. But, now he is getting frustrated because Mommy doesn't have enough milk to satisfiy him sometimes and he gets M.A.D. Last night he was up eating at 2am and 6 am. This would normally be fine (fine in a relative, this is going to end one day, sense), however...

The Little Man is trying to torture his Mommy! For some reason, and I have NO idea why, he was up at 12 and at 1. At 12, he was crying and best we can discern, he was tired and probably not feeling well. After some fake crying for like 20 minutes, he decided to go back to sleep. Then around 1am, I heard his door and then nothing else. I gave him a few minutes to show himself in our room... but nothing. So, since Daddy didn't wake up, I decided to climb out of bed, yet again, and check things out. Sure enough, The Little Man was sitting at the end of the hall outside his bedroom, wide awake... just sitting. What in the world. I told him it was still time for sleep and he went to bed with no complaints or crying. He slept until his light came on.

I figure I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night -- sounds like fun, right?

I'd sleep now, except I can't walk in my house without a. breaking a toy, b. hurting myself on a toy, or c. both.

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Melissa said...

Sorry! hope tonight goes better.