Thursday, January 25, 2007

Probably more amusing if you were there

Recent dialogs with a 2year old:

Me: Do you want a balloon or a sticker? (at Trader Joe's - and he doesn't like balloons much)
Him: A balloon
Cashier: What color do you want?
Him: Blue, it's right there, that one.
Me: Are you sure? Don't you like stickers better?
Him: No, I love balloons.
about halfway home
Him: Mommy, I don't love my balloon anymore
Me: Oh how come?
Him: I don't love it. Mommy hold it. (of course, i am driving)
Me: When we get home, we can throw it in the trash
when we get home
Him: Mommy, let's throw the balloon in the trash
Me: Go ahead. you can do it.
Him: It doesn't fit.
So, we let the air out and then threw it away. We talked about it all day and shared the news of the balloons demise with daddy when he got home. It was a big event. So, he now realizes that he doesn't love balloons as much as he thought he did.
Him: Mommy, lets play chase.
Me: give me one minute, and I'll play
Him: play chase with me. I run away, you come chase and get me. It be fun!
Me:you don't have to convince me
Him: Ya, pretty fun game. let's go!
Him: Mommy, sometimes mommy gets sad.
Me: Really, when does mommy get sad?
Him: mommy is sad when her two boys are crying... like this (he demonstrates). It makes mommy sad.
Me: You are right, I want my boys to be happy all the time and no crying.
Him: me too, i like to be happy too! (although sometimes I wonder!!!!!)
Me: Mommy has lots of boogies in her nose
Him: Blow your nose, mommy
Me: I can't, they are stuck.
Him: use my nose spray (simply saline)
Me: okay, sure, I'll use your nose spray, thanks!
he runs to go get it
Him: here you go, mom ("mom", what the heck, are you 10?)
Me: thanks. oh, that is much better
Him: ya, i love it (his nose spray - i guess he uses 'i love' for more than love, cuz who would LOVE nose spray?)
there are plenty more conversations like this - I'll have to post more so that i can look back on them when he is being a holy terror and remember how cute he is! :)

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Melissa said...

more, please! I can't decide on my favorite...the love of nose spray is great.