Wednesday, January 31, 2007


We travel a lot by plane. I think we have it down pat. We know what to take on board, how early to get there, when to eat and anything else you can think of. After our trip yesterday, however, we decided that we should never trust that mommy knows when the plane is leaving. When daddy was checking in online - because we are such a well oiled machine that we were all set nice and early for our trip yesterday- he discovered that the plane was leaving in an hour and a half, and we hadn't left for the airport yet... and the Little Man was still asleep in bed, and mommy and the little man hadn't had breakfast. OOPSY!!! So, we quickly got out of the house and were probably going to make it in time to get onboard. However, there was an accident on the way (we live 5 miles away, maybe) and we just missed the 45 minute cutoff for checking baggage. So, we were there nice and early for our new flight... which connected in Chicago (which is really cold this time of year) and made it just a couple hours later than we had expected. The flight was wonderful and the boys were equally so. The Little Man didn't take a nap all day (not so good) and the squeaker slept most of the day away. All in all, it was a great trip, considering.

Also, I should mention that Daddy did a great job too!

Oh, and make sure that your 2 year old has socks on before leaving the house, in the event that he is wearing crocs and it is below 30 degrees outside.

And, oh yah, the Saturn Relay is a really ugly van/car/something. And, difficult to figure out how to fold seats without a manual.

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Jake said...

You were too nice to wussy traveller daddy :-)