Monday, January 15, 2007

Not quite finished...

The Squeaker's room is almost finished. I plan to have pictures posted tomorrow. A couple of things that won't be done in the room: appropriately themed drawer pulls and an altered bedskirt. The drawer pulls might be a future project, if the mood strikes... the bedskirt is staying in its originial full size, just finagled to fit the crib.

The reason it is not done today, as I had hoped it would be:

I sent Daddy and the Little Man to Joann's yesterday to get an additional 1/2 yard of fabric to finish a basket liner. They arrived at 5:45 and the cutting table was closed for the evening (it was sunday). So, I went first thing this morning... and wouldn't you know it, they were out. So, I called around and found a store that carried it. I took the Squeaker to the pediatrician (again) and sent the other boys out to Joann's again to pick up my fabric. So, I wasn't able to finish it up during naptime. I had to wait until bedtime. Anyway... I am pretty much done. Just a couple of things to go up on the wall and it will be picture ready. stay tuned for the upcoming reveal!

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