Sunday, November 25, 2007

Arguing with Little Man

Several conversations I have been storing up for a special day:

LM: Are we there yet?
Me: No (we had just left Grandma and Grandpa's house -2 hours from home)
LM: (30 seconds later) Are we there yet?
Me: No
LM: Are we there yet?
Me: Yes (trying to mix things up a bit)
LM: Okay, lets get out! (calling my bluff)

Me: Stop throwing things in the house
LM: No, I am not throwing it, I am dropping it

Me: Seriously, stop throwing things in the house
LM: No, no... this is bouncing

Daddy: Stop climbing on the coffee table
LM: I am not climbing, I am lying on it
Daddy: Whatever, get off the table
LM: I need to get off on the other side, see.

Daddy: Stop kicking the seat in front of you (in the car).
LM: (stops for a moment then starts back up again)
Daddy: Please put your feet down.
LM: I am not kicking it, I am touching it with my feet.

Where does he learn this art? And why? Is it to drive us batty???


Melissa Haworth said...

He is too funny! I love these posts.

Grandma West said...

He is really smart. Where does he see stock cars etcI hope you are learning all these things Mommy and Daddy because the are important you know. Love yu all

ga-mommy said...

if the genetic pool was not so intelligent he would not be able to come up with this so be grateful for your lineage and enjoy your smart(alec)son!

fairfax44 said...

ga-mommy just said it....we breed ourselves.........