Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So much to say - or not, depending

So, in case I didn't mention it, we took our house off the market on October 15th. That gave us enough time to relax a bit with the house cleaning so that we could clean it all back up again for a random showing (nothing came of it), then again for Squeaker's party... then again a week later for LM's birthday... and now, yet again, for putting it back on the market. We took it off for a short break, to do some painting, and to change our realtor. We know ahead of time that this is the worse possible time to put a house on the market, but we are getting tired of our current state of limbo. Our new realtor seems to think that it is better now in the event that it may sell, an extra few months. I suppose we can always take it off during the holidays, too.

Anyway, as we are preparing the house for the hoards of people who will be coming through (um, yah), both boys, and mommy, have been under the weather, we have had company, and lots of rearranging due to painting. Our house is a MESS!!! And, now that I am ready to clean, my boys, have decided that they would like to alternate naps or forgo the nap all together -- not helpful, by the way.

Oh yah, and the other thing, we are working on getting Squeaker to take a bottle. Right now, we are pleased that he takes one from Mommy about 90% of the time. Today, for example, after he bit me, he got a 4 oz bottle, which he downed, then another 3 oz an hour later. (and he had nursed an hour prior to all this, too). So, guess he is feeling better, but may have turned his attention to growing??? I hope our sleeping goes well tonight, because, I have a lot of cleaning to do after the boys are in bed. Fun times, wanna join us?

On a happier note, I had a parent teacher conference at LM's preschool -- apparently they are concerned that his language skills are not age appropriate. Um, WHAT???? So, they didn't say that, they just said they were concerned that they might be because, get this... he does not talk! Holy cow, I would switch places with them in a heartbeat. He won't shut up at home! :) And, in case you were wondering, he does have age appropriate and maybe even above age level language skills.


Grandma West said...

WOW ! Even I know that his language skills are above average. He just may be fooling them for some reason or they are not listening to the right child. LOVED TALKING TO YOU!!!

fairfax44 said...

What a bunch of idiots!!!
I don't like to mince words.
He's just smarter than they are.
I have a degree in early childhood education. They are idiots!!!!

Aunt Em said...

I think he is just smarter than them so he knows not to talk around them because they won't get it anyway. Why waste his breath, eh? He's probably really thinking, "You're going to work for me one day," and then quietly laughs to himself. He's the smartest 3-year-old I know.